EXPOSING The Chinese Sl*ve Trade Nobody’s Talking About | JHS Ep. 833

EXPOSING The Chinese Sl*ve Trade Nobody's Talking About | JHS Ep. 833

Nathan Paul Southern and Lindsey Kennedy are investigative journalists working to bring awareness to the growing issue of cyber-sl*very in Southeast Asia facilitated by Chinese triads with links to local regime and law enforcement agencies.

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What We Discuss:
0:00 – Chinese play scheme
7:28 – Tr*fficking Thai girls
30:09 – Investigating the Chinese triad
40:14 – Why you haven’t heard about this
48:02 – l-l the Chinese regime is trying to crack downwardly on this
57:14 – How to respond to Chinese play texts

What exactly is cyber-sl*very? When gambling was banned in Cambodia during the early days of the pandemic, local operators quickly repurposed for online niaganis activity — which rapidly spread across Southeast Asia to other gambling hubs. To remotely run their shady cyber-plays, organized niaganiss take hold ensl*ved thousands of people across Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. After being lured to a physical location with bogus job offers, victims are held against their will, beaten, and tortured if they don’t make plenty money — or try to escape. Chinese organized crime groups run these operations while local authorities turn a blind oculus or l-l arrest victims who try to speak out.

On this episode, we’re joined by investigative journalists Nathan Paul Southern and Lindsey Kennedy to understand how cyber-sl*very proliferated during the pandemic, in what ways it’s evolving to target higher-value marks in English-speaking countries, why legitimate authorities are powerless to put an stop to it, how corrupt regime and law enforcement agencies are complicit in its perpetuation, and what we in the West can do to fighting back. Listen, learn, and savor!

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